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CARE ALLIANCE 10 is a comprehensive and collaborative effort to set aside superficial differences for the benefit of the community as a whole. Our philosophy is simple, teamwork is the foundation on which all great enterprises are built. In order to achieve this, all partners must come to a consensus that operates under the notion that all men are created equal.

Thusly, agreeing that sharing in the effort to achieve common goals will be more productive than solitary efforts. CARE ALLIANCE 10 enhances the
teamwork model by identifying the needs of corporations and fulfilling them with the resources of the community.

“He who is greatest among us shall serve.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
In the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King’s vision of unity and dignity, King Streets, LLC will place community resource centers on ever King Street in the United States of America. These centers will provide key resources to citizens and businesses alike that foster corporate and private sustainability.

The vision is grand, but the concept is simple.

CARE ALLIANCE 10 will help lead corporations and people to a brighter future through self-sufficient collaboration. Many people dismiss the value in areas of blight. In so doing, they ultimately dismiss the fact that the greatest capital a community has to invest is human capital. By investing in human capital, corporations will see their greatest return and communities will experience enhanced outcomes for the lives of all of its members.

Each layer of the ALLIANCE 10 project is designed to transform the common deficiencies of economically disadvantaged communities into corporate solutions. Imagine projecting a shortfall in IT professionals and then training a team of young IT professionals to fill the void before it is ever experienced. The possibilities for precision recruiting and corporate innovation are endless.

The unique technology offered through this project is a hybrid based on Google’s model for data mining. The software seamlessly collects data on the needs of the community while identifying opportunities to mitigate corporate losses and enhance revenue. Every person that we help leads
to a corporate benefit, the inverse is also true.

People will flock to our physical and virtual centers for assistance, leaving valuable recruiting, marketing, and planning information in their path. It enhances our ability to aid the community and improve corporate outcomes.

“If a man doesn’t have a job or an income, he has neither life nor liberty or the possibility for the pursuit of happiness.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
At the crux of this effort is self-sufficiency. The idea that people have within them all the tools they need for success.

The ALLIANCE 10 effort harnesses the unique thoughts, feelings, dreams, and abilities of citizens and turns them into tangible assets for the benefit of the community at large. The ALLIANCE 10 model consists of the following facets: Legal Aid, Nonprofit Corporations and Community Development Corporations, International Resources, Historical Societies, Community Think Tanks, Personal Development, Business Development, Spiritual Development, Education, and Holistic Health.

Personal Outcomes
Before the specific dynamics of this project are discussed, I want to introduce you to John. John is a teenager growing up in Chicago. He believes he has no future. He studies hard, but barely achieves passing grades. He plays hard, but isn’t athletic enough to be placed on any school teams. By all accounts, he will never be noticed or afforded an opportunity to advance in life. There is one problem, John wants more for his life. He just doesn’t know how to go about obtaining a better life. He hangs out with his friends and everyone seems to love him, but that isn’t enough.

One day a locally based corporation makes an investment in ALLIANCE 10, they provide computers and internet for the program. John visits the center because it is just blocks from his home. He doesn’t need a car or bus fair to reach the center and this is important, because his family doesn’t have the extra resources to afford either.

By participating in life mapping and educational services at his local center, John is able to identify that he is a social media genius. Enlightened with this new information, John starts a crowdfunding campaign and launches his very own social media marketing agency. His agency earns enough profit for him to pay for college, where he majors in Business Management. The entire time John remembers the corporation that aided him.

Once John graduates he earns an internship at the sponsor’s corporation and is the hardest working, most loyal member of the corporate team. John produces three times as much revenue as his counterparts, because he is a happy employee. John’s entire family knows who afforded them the opportunity for a better life and they patronize the sponsor’s corporation faithfully.

John’s friends all know his meager beginnings and they also patronize the sponsor’s corporation faithfully. John is a fictitious character, but his story is that of many people across this nation. Those who want a better life, are willing to work for it, but simply need a plan to achieve their dreams. These individuals are our neighbors, they may be our friends, or they could be even closer.

Corporate Social Responsibility
The case for businesses to engage with the community on this level can be summed up in one buzz phrase, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This phrase is taking the business world by storm and Forbes has identified six key reasons every corporation should take part in this movement:

1. Innovation

  1. Cost Savings
  2. Brand Differentiation
  3. Long-term Thinking
  4. Customer Engagement
  5. Employee Engagement.

    A study conducted by Brodhag et al suggested that companies who invest in Corporate Social Responsibility tend to be more innovative and sustainable that companies who don’t. Apple is arguably one of the most innovative brands of modern times. Founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, this company that started in a garage and has grown to an estimated value of $750 billion. Innovation and human capital have
    value and it doesn’t take long to realize the return on this investment. It is estimated that it takes only 3 years to realize a return on a social investment, this does not account for public sentiment and the resulting increased revenue.

    Cost Savings
    According to Urban Bound, it costs between $19,309 and $97,166 to relocate a single employee and each year an average of $16.2 million is spent on employee
    relocation. Imagine redirecting a fraction of that budget to creating your own unique workforce. A workforce that responds expeditiously and with precision to the needs of your corporation.

    Brand Differentiation
    The age-old question of how does your brand stand apart from others in the eye of the consumer is posed. Being able to refer to a specific point in time when your brand
    was able to aid in the recovery of blighted communities across America is a substantial contribution and exceptional method of brand differentiation.

    Long-term Thinking
    Each corporation has a unique set of needs and those needs can be effectively filled by the local community at a reduced cost to the corporation. By pairing the needs of corporations with the resources of the local community, each party will have a share in the resulting prosperity.

    Customer Engagement
    There isn’t a more direct method of customer engagement than being able to view the needs of the community as disclosed by its members. A portion of the proprietary software collects information concerning the requests and demographics of members of the community. It will allow corporations to view the direct requests of citizens and their basic demographic information, down to the zip code. The information will not have been generated by a census or questionnaire and it is our assertion that it will be more reliable than any internet search engine can produce.

    Employee Engagement
    Ultimately, whether your employees are relocated or locally sourced, they will end up living near the work site. ALLIANCE 10 offers employers the opportunity to review and project the needs of the community and its employees as a result. Additionally, the resource centers have numerous volunteer opportunities for dedicated corporate volunteers. According to CyberGrants, employees who volunteer are happier. As previously mentioned, employees who are happier are more productive. CyberGrants also found that employees who volunteer together tend to form friendships and tighter bonds. A survey conducted by Office Vibe found that 58% of men and 74% of women would turn down a higher paying job because they liked their coworkers, translating into longer tenures and lower recruitment costs.

    Community Benefits
    The ALLIANCE 10 proprietary software allows citizens to fill out a brief questionnaire that identifies the needs of the person and puts them in touch with professionals and resources that can aid in the resolution of their issue. Individuals who are unable or do not desire to access the website can visit their local resource center for assistance by personnel in identifying their needs and formulating a plan. Each resource center is equipped with case managers that are trained in motivational
    interviewing techniques that will assist in drawing out key information and soliciting participation from community members in their own positive outcomes.
    Legal Aid
    The website serves as a database of pro bono subject matter experts, attorneys for hire on a sliding fee scale, and general information concerning the issues of the community. Whether a person is facing divorce, criminal charges, discrimination, or any other legal issue,

    ALLIANCE 10 is available to provide practical solutions to life’s legal issues. Non-Profit Corporations and Community Development Corporations (CDC’s) Connecting nonprofit organizations and CDC’s with corporate sponsors, fundraising opportunities, and business development tools. It is a one stop shop for start-up and established nonprofits. When a nonprofit enters the site, they are able to enter the area of their mission and access a wealth of resources to ensure the wellbeing of its beneficiaries.

    International Resources
    Connecting local businesses with international resources, such as oversees manufacturers and call centers. It allows local businesses to reap the benefits of harnessing
    reduced labor costs, just as larger corporations do. It also connects local causes with international needs. Want to send water to the
    dessert? Now it’s possible to locate unique international needs.
    Historical Societies Visitors are able to do everything from research their ancestry and look up historical figures to reading about little known facts about African American history. It is all made possible through the collaborative efforts of African American historical societies across the nation.

    Community Think Tanks
    This is where subject matter experts come to make a difference in their local community. Connecting professionals with local societies and boards for the betterment of the community. Experts may start or join a panel of like credentialed and/or diverse individuals to resolve an agreed upon issue within the community. They may also review data concerning zip codes across the nation to study differing and/or common disparities. It is a hybrid of an information center and opportunities to effect change in their community.

    Personal Development
    Our most popular services are centered our personal development. We assist with everything from recruitment, job coaching, resume writing, and life mapping to time
    management and retirement planning. We are committed to helping people make the most out of their lives. As previously mentioned, self-sufficiency is our top priority.
    A person visiting our website is able to enter their demographic information and concerns and be connected with a case manager/life coach. While we hope that everyone
    in need of personal development will visit our center for the most comprehensive form of this service, we also offer web applications that can assist those in need as well.
    Proprietary applications such as the Day Wheel tm and life mapping will assist even the most conscientious professional in optimizing their efforts to accomplish more
    with their life.
    Business Development
    All of the services available to nonprofit organizations are available to for profit enterprises and more. We assist with everything from concept ventures to established
    businesses. Business owners can elect to research resources online or come in and be paired with a business professional that will assist in identifying resources for every facet of ensuring the success of their business.

    Spiritual Development Connecting people with places of worship and spiritual leaders irrespective of religious affiliation. ALLIANCE 10 aims to support your faith and spiritual development.

    Visiting our website puts people in touch with those of like faith and also offers historical information about each of the world’s roughly 4,200 religions. Whether curious or committed, our site will assist you in your journey.

    Connecting people with educational opportunities, financial resources, and research opportunities. Individuals can search for learning institutions from pre-kindergarten learning centers to universities. The website and select resource centers will be privy to our proprietary “Edutainment” series which features a unique presentation of
    African and resulting African American history to foster a positive self- image. Students will enjoy an array of presentations that vary from musical performances to spoken word arts. It is our firm belief that the only thing that stands between many individuals and prosperity is information. We intend to reduce those barriers by providing opportunities to learn.

    Holistic Health
    Connecting people with professionals in all manner of health fields from mental health and acupuncture to herbalists and physicians. Health consists of mind, body, and soul. Financial resources are also available for individuals who may not have insurance or the financial resources to remain healthy.

    Getting Involved
    Nothing we do would be possible without the participation of companies like yours and the community at large. We need financial contributions, resources, and volunteers of varying professions. To get involved you may contact the Memphis National Business League’s {insert name} at {insert number},

    King Street’s Michael Fleming at 678-508-6283,
    References csr/#5ebc8a403495 employees-happy/#c1f7f5e5266e
    Christian Brodhag, Yunhee Kim, and Desta Mebratu. pp 175 – 196. Received 6 November 2011, Accepted 11 April 2014, Published online: 13 June 2014. trillion/index.html
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    c/o DayWheel, Inc. (KSF management company)
    1750 Powder Springs Rd., PMB 294, Suite 190
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    Phone: (678) 508-6283

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c/o DayWheel, Inc. (KSF management company)
1750 Powder Springs Rd., PMB 294, Suite 190
Marietta, GA 30064-4861

Phone:   (678) 508-6283

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