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Board /Leadership development and training

• Checks & balances (Standard Operating Procedures)
Clear-concise visions, missions and objectives

• Competitive and community-minded support
Comprehensive strategic & operations plans

• Daily, weekly, monthly and annual strategies
Data management

• Day-day operations support
Development of life plans

• Evaluating cost cutting measures
Executive coaching

• Expanded professional service offering
Expanded professional services

• Gap analysis (Assessments)
Gifts and skills assessments

• Global operations support
Greater connection with your target audience

• Greater industry and social impact
Increase market share and market penetration

• Increase profit centers (Financial-R.O.I. & Social-R.O.I.)
Increase value proposition • Increased meeting efficiency
Increased production

• Internal think tank and brain trust
Keeping everyone “on the same page (vision)”

• Logic models (visuals/ command center/ logistics)
Maintaining a competitive edge

• Market analysis
More efficient and productive cost centers

• More fluid operations flow and organization structure
More products/services lines and support

• Non-traditional revenue streams
Operations/venture management and support

• Outcome based (measurable/accountability)
Presentation and proposal support

• Project/program management
Quality control measures

• Resource planning
Shadow Assessments (“Vision Mapping”)

• Short & long term planning strategies and models (forecasting)
Solution based services

• Staffing, training and support
Staged development and implementation

• Strategic event planning (in alignment with mission)
Streamlined, synchronized operations

• Structured and defined central knowledge base
• Uniform and efficient operations processes and systems
• Work-life balance strategies

SOFTWARE AND APPS SOLUTIONS: (DAYWHEEL, VISION QUEST, OPERATIONS SOFTWARE, ETC.)  (OPERATIONS ORG CHART INSTRUCTIONS)  (DAYWHEEL INSTRUCTIONS VIDEO COMMERCIAL) (DayWheel) (DAYWHEEL INSTRUCTIONS VIDEO COMMERCIAL) (Vision Quest and Vision Mapping Software) (DayWheel App Instructions) (DayWheel Website phone instructions) (DayWheel instructions video)  (DayWheel instructions video)

CARE ALLIANCE AND KINGSTREETS VIDEOS: Alliance)  (Kingstreets)  (Care Alliance)

MENTORING AND RESOURCE VIDEOS (Becoming Tech Savvy)  (Career and mentoring options) (Mentoring) (Mentoring) (Mentoring) (Mentoring) (Mentoring) (Mentoring) (Project Grad Mentoring) (Project Grad Mentoring) (MAYOR FRANKLIN YOUTH MENTORING)

GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING VIDEOS: Contracting)  (Government Contracting)  (Government Contracting)  (Government Contracting)  (Government Contracting)

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c/o DayWheel, Inc. (KSF management company)
1750 Powder Springs Rd., PMB 294, Suite 190
Marietta, GA 30064-4861

Phone:   (678) 508-6283

In Person:   643 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd, N.W.

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